To ensure every customer has the best service, we do ask that you make an appointment. Saturday  appointments are the most popular, so book early if this is your preferred day.
Please let us know if you are unable to make your appointment.

We understand that not everyone can make it during our regular opening hours. If you can only make an evening or Sunday, please call us for a chat and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We do charge a refundable appointment fee of £25 when booking out of hours. It is something we have thought long and hard about, but have had to introduce due to numbers of customers not turning up for appointments when we have opened up especially for them.

It’s a good idea to have certain things in place before starting the search for your dress, a date and a venue are key. Choosing a gown for a church wedding in Winter or a beach wedding abroad, will result in very different choices.

Also, be ready to find your dress. This may sound obvious, but a lot of brides start shopping to get ‘ideas’ when they have no budget in place, and aren’t in the zone to actually find their dress.

We suggest 18 months up to 8 months before the big day.  All of our designers have different lead times and do offer rush cuts, so if you are unsure if you have enough time, please call us.

Go shopping with someone who will give you honest feedback. Although we have plenty of space, we do recommend that you keep the number of guests you bring to a minimum.  The more people there are, the more opinions you will receive, which can cloud your judgement.  The most important opinion is yours!
We don’t recommend bringing babies or toddlers. Bridal shops are very boring places for little people, and trying to keep them entertained whilst you are gowns on can be difficult, particularly as you will be with us for a couple of hours.

We carry bridal and bridesmaid samples in sizes 10 – 22.  Bridal shopping is unlike shopping on the high street, we don’t carry every dress in every size.  You should expect to try dresses that are sometimes a little too big or too small.

PARKING – The  closest parking is West Street Multi storey car park on West Street.
STAIRS – We are spread over 3 floors, so have two sets of stairs.  If bringing a pram, we ask that you leave it on the ground floor.  If  you or one of your party have a disability and cannot manage the stairs, please mention this when booking your appointment and we will arrange an out of hours appointment for you.  This will allow us to use the ground floor without interruption from the general public.